*** Greetings! My name is Mira Monarch, and I  Am a Messenger of The New Religion/Amon Adon and the eternal beloved of Kyot Kundry. ❤

Kyot Kundry is the Prophet of The New World Religion.
When he was 15 years old ( now his human body temple has the age of 40 ) he had a vision where he realized and understood the divinity of man and that God ( what we really are ) is within every man and woman.
And this God within was talking to him and told him that in the future he will found The New Religion, which shall be the End of all Religion … ❤
A religion where we don`t pray to any God in the heavens and where we don`t go in any church, temple or mosque, because our body is the temple of God and we are praying to the divinity within, for answers, knowledge and guidance.
The only rule is love and to follow your heart instead of following your human mind or ego. ***




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